Ashia’s Restaurant

XinJiang (North West) style restaurant specializing in lamb and mutton dishes. Yes, not what you normally associate with Chinese cuisine and in fact the food reminded me more of Mediterranean than Chinese.


Sizzling lamb in cumin.

Pickled cucumber.


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Middle 8th Restaurant 中八楼

Yunnan style restaurant with a lot of mushroom dishes on the menu.

Octopus with mushrooms.

Roasted duck (or what was left of it by the time I took the photo) with mushrooms.

Durian tarts (I think I like durian).

Ordering mistake: green orange juice. For some reason I expected juice from unripe oranges, in other words “(green orange) juice”.

Here’s what I got:
Green (orange juice).

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Eatting Beijing

Food is the one thing about Beijing that is unquestionably wonderful. If I had to summarize it in one word it would be “variety”. At every level. Number of restaurants; choices on the menu; selection of ingredients; preparation styles; cuisines. It seems impossible to ever try it all but over the next 3 month I’ll do my best…

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